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Fax :305 675-2856
1688 Meridian Ave suite 507,
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Customer Assistance

Acting as concierge or house manager, IPC can easily take care of tasks such as grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, delivering of flowers, making reservations, vehicle maintenance, or taking care of any other need you may have. No request is too small.

Our customer assistance service provides a personalized touch that you will never be hesitant to submit your requisitions. We are supported by skilled workforce to handle all related queries. We also have robust monitoring system that will keep track of all your requests. When you call us, we make sure that our lines are accessible all the time and that a representative will assist you promptly.

At the actual service, you need not worry on giving instructions. Our representative will arrive equipped with full information of what needs to be done. A checklist will be the guide and you can add more tasks as needed. You will be given updates from time to time as to what tasks have been accomplished.