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Furniture & Appliance Acceptance

  • We will coordinate with your appliance or delivery professional for them to gain entry into your home for efficient delivery of your new product.
  • We will conduct a visual observation of the product and note any defects and alert you immediately.
  • We will email you pictures of the item and help place it according to your pre-arranged wishes.
  • We will provide updates of the latest designs and styles that will match your home style.
  • We will schedule regular check up and repair for maintenance purposes.
  • We will create an inventory report of all your purchased furniture and appliances.
  • We will prepare the area in your home where to place your newly purchased units to ensure that spaces are maximized accordingly.
  • We will coordinate with the store and haggle for discounts or refunds if the delivered products did not meet your expectations.
  • We will regularly give you a list of store where to best purchase your furniture and appliances.
  • We will regularly give you pricelists from different stores so you can intelligently choose where to best buy them.
  • For returned units, we will give you updates of the progress of redeliveries.
  • We will negotiate with your chosen furniture and appliances supplier during purchase transactions.